About Pakistan Centre For Autism

Pakistan Centre for Autism (PCA) a project of SCALeD is a group of Therapy and Training Centers that assist individuals with ASD to reach their full potential through a holistic approach of Assessments and Interventions, and also assist their families in coping up with ASD. PCA also conducts outreach programs in the community and is recognized amongst the top few institutions in Pakistan dedicated to this cause.


In Pakistan, there is a dearth of purpose built dedicated facilities for addressing ASD and not to speak of learning differences. This means that when it comes to individuals afflicted with ASD, limited number of children get support. The teacher / child ratio is also not conducive to achieve tangible results and there is lack of one- to-one tuition, home tutoring and day care facility for these children. Early intervention and transition to mainstream schools or inclusion program is a dream. Due to high cost of assessments and interventions underprivileged cannot afford the treatment. Trainings and CME programs for the medical community and general awareness among the community is missing. Initiatives for advocacy, funding opportunities and awareness at the national level are also nonexistent.

Keeping in mind all these aspects SCALeD (Society for Children with Autism and Learning Differences) developed a project PCA (Pakistan Centre for Autism) in order to cater to this desperate need of the society in Pakistan. The project started in 2012 under the supervision of a few renowned personalities and philanthropists of Pakistan,

A 1500 square yards center was established in one of the most densely populated area of Pakistan, Gulistan-e-Johar, Block-7, Karachi, providing all relevant therapies and services under one roof.

In 2016, ScaLed established another 1200 square yards dedicated facility in PECHS Block-3, Karachi, where both programs are running in parallel i.e., Program for Autism and for Learning Differences. Further, it has become a head office, from where all other projects are being managed.

“Showing kindness towards those who are different and embracing our imperfections as proof of
our humanness is the remedy for fear,”

Our Aim

To be the finest multidisciplinary, inexpensive, pro-inclusion therapeutic and training center in Pakistan to empower and facilitate children and adults with Autism spectrum disorder towards a functional and successful life.

Our Vision

“A Society Where Children and Adults with Special Needs and Autism Spectrum Disorder Lead a Functional and Respectable Life”.

Our Mission

To Provide comprehensive therapeutic interventions based on scientific practices.

To Spread awareness about Autism, early intervention, and inclusion in mainstream schools and Pakistani society.

To Develop community support towards Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Board Members

Prof. Dr. A. Gaffar Billoo


Dr. Saeed Ismail

Vice Chairman

Dr. Shahzad Alam

Finance Secretary

Mr. Babar Qamar Alam

General Secretary

Dr. Shahnaz Ibrahim

Joint Secretary

Brig.(R) Saleem Abdullah

Public Relations Officer

Mr. Naeem Munshi


Ms. Amina Asif Siddiqui


Prof. Dr. Ayesha Mehnaz


Ms. Samia Mujtaba


Dr. Zebunnisa Ahmed


Ms. Sabina Khatri